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Fully Insured  |  Phone: 815-325-9476

Water Pressure Restoration

All Hot Shower Chicago employees wear masks and sanitize everything routinely. Safety is our top priority!

machineHOT SHOWER CHICAGO is a water flow restoration company that specializes in restoring water pressure to faucets, branch lines and entire buildings.  We provide our services to HI-Rises, Low Rises, Commercial Properties and Residential Homes.

Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to gently and effectively remove sediment from your water supply pipes.  The Reverse-Pulse-Extraction-System utilizes Monitored-Release-Flush-Control to rid your water supply of sediment that comes from old pipes, hard water and hot water tanks.  The pipe is cleaned from the inside-out with soft-pulsating-waves that pull loose scale and hard minerals out of the pipe.  We do not use chemicals or rodding. 

You may notice that after some plumbing work was done in the building your water pressure suddenly got worse.  Sediment from hot water tanks and rust from old pipes get stirred up when the water has been shut off and then turned back on again.  This sediment will travel through the pipes and block the flow of water to your buildings faucets.  You may also notice that when 2 or more faucets are being used at the same time, the water pressure drops off dramatically.  This issue can also occur on its own over time.  Sediment can build up in certain areas of the building when they are not being used, for example (No one has used the kitchen faucet for an extended period of time, now the pressure is poor).

HOT SHOWER CHICAGO can get your water pressure back to normal with 1 phone call.   No job is to big or to small for us to handle. We will fix your water pressure issues and educate you on preventative maintenance. We can also tailor a program that keeps your building running efficiently all year round!

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When Should You Call


  1. If you notice a sudden decrease in water pressure after plumbing work was recently done in the building.
  2. Rusty brown water is coming out of your water pipes and faucets.
  3. When your neighbor uses their water, your water pressure drops off dramatically.
  4. Or call us if you think your hot water pressure should be better than it is.

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